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Joint Trade Letter to Minnesota re: HF 2208 - March 2019

STA letter to the Senate Banking Committee regarding Data Privacy - March 2019

STA/SSA Letter to Arkansas re HB1427 - February 2019

STA/SSA Letter to Washington re RUUPA - January 2019

STA/SSA letter to Council of District of Columbia - November 2018

STA letter re Over-Voting - October 2018

STA letter to SEC re Proxy Process - September 2018

Holders Coalition letter re IRS Rev Rule 2018-17 - September 2018

STA letter re LA HB 851 - April 2018

STA letter to Illinois - January 2018

SEC Announcement re cyber Security Initiative - September 2017

STA/SSA Comments re HB 2603 Concerns - May 2017

STA/SSA Comments to Delaware re Unclaimed Property - May 2017

Final Rule re T+2, 34-80295 - March 2017

SEC Final Rule on T+2 - March 2017

Letter re Utah Senate Bill 175 - February 2017

STA/SSA letter to Arkansas - February 2017

SEC Approval of rule Filing re Chills and Global Locks - December 2016

STA Comment Letter on SEC T+2 Rule Amendment - November 2016

STA Comment Letter re SR-DTC-2016-13 - October 2016

SEC Proposed Rule Amendment to Shorten the Settlement Cycle - September 2016

Changes to Unclaimed Property Acts - September 2016

SEC Order to Institute Proceedings re DTC Rule Filing re Chills and Global Locks - September 2016

Further STA Comment on SR-DTC-2016-003 - August 2016

STA Comment Letter re SR-DTC-2016-003 - June 2016

DTCC Proposed Rule re Chills and Global Locks - June 2016

SEC Request for Comment on Rule 17Ad-10 - May 2016

Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions - May 2016

STA Comment Letter on Concept Release File S7-25-15 - April 2016

SEC Notice Extending Comment Period for Transfer Agent Rules - February 2016

STA Letter to Delaware re Clarifying Position on Inactivity - February 2016

STA Letter Requesting Extension of Comment Period on File 34-7643-S-27-15: - January 2016

DTCC Important Notice re Corporate Action Fees - December 2015

SEC Concept Release re Transfer Agent Rules - December 2015

SEC Regulation Crowdfunding - November 2015

STA/SSA Amicus Curiae Brief - September 2015

ULC Holders Coalition Recommendation - May 2015

ULC Holders Coalition Letter - May 2015

DTC Rule Requiring Participation in BCP testing - May 2015

SEC Final Rules Amending Regulation A - March 2015

STA Draft Language for Uniform Law Commission - January 2015

STA Letter to Uniform Law Commission - November 2014

STA Report on Industry Efforts to Improve the U.S. Proxy Voting System - September 2014

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