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STA guidance during COVID-19 business continuity planning

As our industry plans and implements interim solutions during the effort to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic, the STA Board of Directors would like to assure STA members that we are meeting regularly with industry and regulatory leaders to monitor the changing landscape. As you enact your own planning, we recommend all transfer agents remain vigilant regarding risk management and fraud prevention. The risk of fraud increases substantially during periods of turmoil and ambiguity such as we are experiencing. As an industry, we should not be precipitous in relaxing standards for Medallion guarantees and documentation at a time when increased diligence becomes even more crucial for the protection of our clients and their shareholders. In spite of the challenges posed by a partially or fully remote workforce and diminished physical facilities and resources, we are not at a point where a lapse in standards can be justified. STA will continue to monitor status and communicate with its members as additional clarity unfolds.

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