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About STA


The Securities Transfer Association, Inc. is a national organization whose mission is to:

  • Focus on the servicing of our ultimate customer, securities investors in the United States and Canada.
  • Provide representation and leadership in those issues which affect the membership, including government regulation and industry practices.
  • Encourage and promote an interchange of information, experience, and ideas, among the association membership.
  • Conduct surveys, studies, and hold conferences and meetings on matters of interest to the membership.
  • Publish and circulate books, pamphlets and articles in connection with the activities and interests of the association and its membership.
  • Conduct activities to maintain recognition of the association and the accomplishments of its membership.
  • Explore and foster cooperation with similar industry organizations in order to speak with one voice on common concerns.
  • Enjoy the comradery and fellowship of all members.

The benefits derived from being a dues paying member of the Transfer Agent Association include:

  • Participation in the STA Transfer Agents Medallion Liability Policy (Stamp Insurance). Without STA Membership you are not covered by the Medallion Insurance.
  • Email alerts on matters of regulatory importance
  • Ability to participate on STA standing Committees, including the Processing, Unclaimed Property and Fraud Prevention Committees.
  • Timely communication regarding industry issues.
  • Reduced fees for attendance at Quarterly or Annual Conferences.
  • Opportunities to network with your industry peers.
  • Ability to participate in training initiatives targeted to transfer agent issues.
  • Easy Access to the STA Guidelines
  • Free attendance at one STAMP Workshop
  • Reduced access fee for the STAMP website.
  • Free STAMP SOUNDBYTES news-fax.
  • Access to the "Members Only" portion of our website, which includes:
    • STA Newsletter
    • STA By-laws