Small Agents Committee


The STA Small Agents Committee was organized in January of 2008 under the leadership of Jonathan Miller and Salli Marinov. More recently, in 2015, it has been reorganized by Kara Kennedy and Salli Marinov, Co-Chairs. Its mission statement follows:

The Small Agents Committee of the STA is a selective panel of active transfer agents whose interests are representative of the small agent members of the STA. Its mission is to empower small agents by giving their distinctive concerns a voice to the broader STA, and equip small agents with industry best practices through collaborative exchange among its members.



Kara Kennedy, ClearTrust, LLC, Co-Chair
Joseph P. Clemente, Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
George Johnson, Securities Transfer Corporation
Abby D. Rosenstein, Figtree Consulting, Inc.
Robert Winterle, Philadelphia Stock Transfer, Inc.

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