STA Memberships are determined by the number of accounts serviced. To register, please select the member type for your organization below.

 Commercial Transfer Agent    
     TA-Small  less than 100,000 accounts  $1,000
     TA-Medium  between 100,000 and 500,000  $1,250
     TA-Large  over 500,000 accounts


 Mutual Fund Transfer Agent    
     MFA-Small  less than 1,000,000 accounts  $2,000
     MFA-Large  1,000,000 accounts or more  $3,000
 Debt Agent    
     DA-Small  less than 1,000,000 issues serviced  $2,000
     DA-Large  1,000,000 issues serviced or more  $3,000
 Corporate Transfer Agent  in-house transfer agent  $1,500
 Vendor Member  non-agent  $2,000



Individual logins for members-only areas of the website are available for employees of member organizations. To check if your organization is an STA member, view our transfer agent and vendor membership list. If your company is a member of STA and you would like a login, please register here.

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